Saturday, 8 October 2011

1 year, 5 months after my Sotret treatment

1 year and 5 months have passed since I was done with my treatment. My skin looks good, I have not had my usual acne problems again. I get a pimple every now and then, but I am totally okay with it.

Anyway, as side effects, I still have back pains and sometimes I feel that my bones are not that strong as they should be. So I guess the high amount of pills I took for my acne to disappear affected my bones.

To conclude, I must say that I am very happy I went for this Sotret treatment. If any of you has any kind of questions, please send them through via comment or email.

Have a nice sotret treatment! :)

Saturday, 23 January 2010

11 months on Accutane

Hello again!

On 20th Feb I will have finished 1 year of treatment. I know it's quite a lot, but at the moment I am on a low dose. I take 2 pills of 10mg Accutane per week. My skin has no problems at all, I have no pimples and my lips are better. However, the skin is producing a little more sebum as when I was on a higher dose (which is normal).

Although the doctor told me it is possible to finish the treatment before Christmas, she said it is better this way, to make sure the acne will not come back.

I am very curious if my skin will remain the same after finishing the treatment.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

8 months on accutane (sotret) - doctor visit

Yesterday I went to see my doctor. As I expected, she lowered my accutane dosage to 10mg per day. Also, she told me that I will finish the treatment before Christmas. I am happy with the results so far. Moreover, I have no new pimples and my lips are way better than before. I don't even use the lipstick anymore.

I will keep updating this sotret blog.

Monday, 14 September 2009

7th month on accutane (sotret) doctor visit

I recently visited my dermatologist. She said to continue taking 15mg of Accutane and to come see her at the end of September. Although I was sure she will reduce the amount, she told me I will have to wait.

I still have a clean face.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Offering some answers

I thought it would be nice to answer to some questions people typed in Google before getting to my isotretinoin blog.

How to reduce lip drying due to sotret - it is perfectly normal for lips to dry when on isotretinoin treatment. This is the most disturbing side effect: skin drying; the lips feel the most uncomfortable. The best thing you can do to reduce the lip drying is to drink a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated. I also had a post about the products I use while on treatment. Nivea lip care is my choice for moisturizing the lips. It works fine and it doesn't cost much

Do you always breakout on accutane - no, not necessarily always. You might expect some breakouts during the treatment, but not always. The IB (initial breakout) is the worst and occurs during the beginning of the treatment. For instance, I have been experiencing breakouts (some of them were mild, others were aggresive) until my 5th month of treatment. It took 5 months for me to see improvements. So if you are experiencing any breakouts, just stay calm, your skin will also improve.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

~190 days on Sotret / Accutane

On September 20th I will have finished my 7th month on Sotret and Accutane. Although I don't think I will stop taking the pills, I will continue with a low dose.

I recently had a pimple near the right side of my nose, but not anymore. I've started taking 2 x Accutane 10mg per day for 2 weeks because of it, but now my face is clean. Next week I will visit my dermatologist and if I won't have any new breakout, I am sure I will start decreasing the dose again.

I haven't had any side effects lately and I am feeling quite good. Until now, I have been taking around 65 mg of sotret / accutane per kg (my weight is 65 kg).

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

~165 days with sotret / accutane

So I have around 165 days with Sotret / accutane and I haven't had any new breakouts lately. I had my latest 2 pimples 2 weeks ago and now my face is clean (except the scars).

I even went to the beach, I got a little sunburnt, but nothing serious. However, I don't recommend it while on treatment, as you may experience side effects.

I went to the dermatologist last week and since August 1st I lowered the dose to Accutane 15 mg per day.

Keep following this thread to find out how is it going for me!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Starting my 6th month with Accutane (Sotret)

Haven't posted anything lately because the situation is the same as the one in my last post. Finally, I can see some improvements! My 6th month will start in 2-3 days.

Since the 1st of July I have been taking 20mg Accutane per day (I switched to roaccutane from sotret, as the last one is not being produced anymore). I haven't experienced any new side effects because of the switching, but I do have a cyst on my left cheek and a pimple on the right one. However, I can say that they started to cure. So I am very happy at the moment.

Since I switched to 20mg from 30mg per day, my fingers stopped peeling and my lips feel better.

In the end of the post, I just want to repeat: don't panic if you can't notice improvements in the first treatment months. As you could see in my case, the treatment took 5 months to notice improvements. Moreover, I heard that there are people who notice them even later. So keep your faith!

PS: you can ask questions or anthing in the comment section or sending an email (you can find it in the sidebar)

Thursday, 25 June 2009

5th Sotret (accutane) month

So on June 20th I started my 5th month on the isotretinoin treatment. I have talked to my dermatologist and she said to keep taking Sotret 30mg per day until July 1st. Then I will lower the dosage to 20mg. And after finishing my Sotret medication, I will start taking Accutane (as you may already know, sotret is not made anymore).

The best part: my skin has improved! Still have the scars, but just a pimple per week (and getting away after a couple of days) is excellent at the moment! I hope I won't have any new breakouts. So the results worth waiting for 5 months (at least in my case).

I haven't noticed any new side effects, except that my fingers started peeling because of the dehydratation. Not a big deal, though.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

110th day with accutane (sotret)

So basically, in 10 days I will have completed the 4th month on the accutane / sotret treatment. I haven't noticed any new side effects beside the ones already mentioned here and I haven't had new nose bleeds.

My face has been cleaner than before for the last 2 weeks (and I'm proud of it) but a few days ago a new pimple appeared on my left cheek. I hope I will get rid of it soon and my face starts cleaning, as I am already on my 4th month.

For the record, on June 8th I saw my doctor and she told me to continue on the same dosage: isotretinoin 30mg/day and to meet her again on June 20th.

By the way, she confirmed that sotret is not made anymore and said that I will get Accutane after finishing my sotret pills.